42 hrs (in class and practical training), 6 days from Monday to Saturday (excluded travel days).

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Education to entrepreneurship

Education to entrepreneurship




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Education to entrepreneurship for adult and young students: the real key competence for labour market Introduction The term “education to entrepreneurship ” is designed according to the principles of the Oslo Agenda, as the formation of a mentality and a proactive behavior. The European Parliament and Council Recommendation of 18thDecember 2006 on key competences for lifelong learning identifies the “spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship” as one of the eight key competences to bear in mind at every stage of education and training. The European Union promotes entrepreneurship as a key factor for competitiveness and underlines the importance of developing a European business culture. The introduction of corporate culture, in education, is an instrument of great importance to enable start of an active relationship of young people with the economic and productive environment. The course aims to provide teachers and trainers the tools to promote entrepreneurial culture, initiative, critical thinking skills, risk assessment, which are the basis for the development and implementation of business activities, in a context of economic freedom initiative and competition. The course will give the participants the concrete tools:
  • to develop and implement Education to entrepreneurship actions
  • to understand how it is possible to help youngster and adult in taking up a business in European Labour Market,
  • to develop an open, flexible, interactive and engaging learning module on experiencing entrepreneurial spirit in intercultural
  • learning settings combining approaches used in adult education (open processes, learner centered) and approaches used in VET (outcome oriented, efficient).
  • to address the challenge of enabling teachers and trainers in adult education and VET to implement educational spirit as a transversal approach in various training settings and while teaching various subjects
Learning objectives
  • To transfer knowledge and methods for creating and managing a small business
  • To know the structure and logic of the business plan
  • To know the organizational and entrepreneurial management
  • How to increase proactivity staff and enhance the individual and collective creativity
Training Program  1) Content Training
  • The business kit
  • Market research: scenario, industry, market and competition data
  • Market research: the questionnaire and the analysis competition
  • Setting targets and managing deadlines
  • Risk and change management
  • The economic and financial estimation
  • The marketing mix: the four strategic levers
  • SWOT analysis and project management techniques
  • The organization and the types of companies.
  • The preparation of the business plan
  • The enterprise in a globalized world
  • The emerging professionals
  • Values and entrepreneurial behavior
  • Economic – social scenarios, trends, market opportunities
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Effective communication and public presentation
  • Confidence in own abilities
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Negotiation and decision making
  • Creativity techniques applied to the generation of business ideas
 2) Practical Training
  • Meeting with Director of the Centre and staff involved in entrepreneurship education
  • Meeting with Headmaster, teachers and staff involved in entrepreneurship education
  • Role-play and workshop on orientation interview and skills assessment
  • Visit at Provincial Centre for Employment
  • Visit to a Small Enterprise of Service Industry:  meeting with management and focus on the Italian way of success
  • Visit to a Start-Up: meeting with management and focus on the Technological Sector
  • Visit at VET Institute
  • Workshop in choosing appropriate didactic material
  • Workshop on best practices and particular methodologies used in the company or in the Centre
Target groups: staff in school education, adult education and vocational education and training (VET) Trainers: the trainers involved have gained a strong experience in the field of “Education to entrepreneurship”, such as: successful entrepreneur, vocational guidance specialists, pedagogues, psychologists of education, teachers and trainers  Educational: teacher’s slides and operative cards.  Other activities provided
  • On the arrival and departure days: transfer to accommodation from Vasto terminal bus or train station is provided.
  • The last day of the course includes evaluation of the course, awarding of Certificates of Participation (2 hrs) and farewell dinner in a typical Italian restaurant offered by Polaris.
  • The program provides also cultural activities as visits to the city and surrounding area to discover the art, traditions, history, nature, typical foods, wine and culinary products of the Abruzzo area.
  • Free support in reservation phase for the transfer from the airports to Vasto and in research of a comfortable and suitable accommodation is provided based on the participants needs and at Polaris’ sole and absolute discretion.
Duration*: 42 hrs (in class and practical training), 6 days from Monday to Saturday (excluded travel days). Dates*: 9-14/10/2017 20-25/11/2017 14-19/05/2018 16-21/07/2018 Fee of course*: 420 € per person Working Language: English *N.B.: – The course would be immediately confirmed with a group of 6 registered participants or more. – With groups of 6 or more participants the course dates and the duration could be arranged with the applicant (please note fee would vary depending on the duration). – With registration of less than 6 participants of the same group the confirmation of the course would be notified 3 months before the starting date or 2 months before when registration occurs less than 3 months before. Registration form for this course:

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Prezzo : 420 €

Max Disponibilità : 20

Difficoltà : teachers/trainers/educators

luogo : Polaris Headquarter, Vasto - Italy

Tipologia : Structured course