About Us

OLARIS is the new reality of education, training and consultancy
in the field of Human Resources(HR) and enterprises.

Born out of the decades-long experience of the four founding partners and the professionals with whom we have been cooperating for years, POLARIS made itself a landmark in the area of Vasto for those who have the need and the will to train themselves, to keep up-to-date and to know and use the available instruments of the Community Funds for the education, training and development of the area.

The staff of Polaris consists of professionals in the field of training, education and the management of educational events, of teachers and trainers.

POLARIS is a Language School.

POLARIS is a centre for Fund Scouting and European Projects.

POLARIS is a centre for company and professional training and education.

To orientate yourself in the world of education and training follow the North Star, follow POLARIS!

Our brochure

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