The consultants of Polaris are specialized in the creation and implementation of projects under the Erasmus+ Programme.

You can participate in the programme as any public or private entity, non-profit as well as commercial, that deals with education and training, sports or youth.

Polaris takes care of the whole project cycle management and in particular of the:

  • analysis of the economic,cultural and social context and of the training needs
  • analysis of stakeholders: target groups, beneficiaries, engagement strategies
  • identification of general and specific objectives of the project
  • creation of local partnerships
  • creation of the European Partnership
  • activities work plan
  • project’s budget
  • analysis of the impact of the project
  • implementation of the project: selection of participants, organisation of the mobility, partnership management and relations with the Commission and the National Agencies
  • dissemination of the project’s results and strategies for the sustainability of the project
  • financial reporting
  • preparing the report to be presented to the European Commission and the relevant National Agency.

Depending on the action (mobility or partnership) a kind of collaboration with the applicant is proposed that provides a compensation for the consultancy, that is paid only if the project is accepted for funding.