Mobility Projects VET learners & staff (KA1)

European Mobility Projects (KA1) for VET staff and learners (see our brochure)

Polaris Ltd is available as hosting partners in the European Mobility Projects for VET staff and learners. Regarding the European Mobility Projects as the hosting/intermediary partner Polaris will take care of

  • helping to identify project aims and activities
  • searching for hosting organisations (companies, schools, local authorities,..) able to internships, job shadowing or work experiences for students and staff
  • searching for the accomodation in residences or apartments
  • linguistic preparation (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, ..)
  • social – cultural preparation
  • ongoing monitoring for the duration of the internship
  • linguistic certification and issuing the certificates for their participation
  • final reports

Also with the brand Cambridge Open School (a language institute that has existed for 20 years), Polaris provides language courses, interpreting/translations, language certificates


For the job placement we will take advantage of our vast and broad networking, which consists of factories and companies in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Tourism
  • Food industry & farming
  • Manufacturing & craftsmanship
  • IT & web economy
  • Intellectual work in SMEs or NGOs
  • Retail (sales and large distribution)
  • Social work
  • Sport, education & childcare
  • Health Care & social Care
  • Beauty & hairdressing

Where we are located

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Polaris is located in the region of Abruzzo more specifically in Vasto, a tourist location in the centre of Italy famous for its sea, its characteristic historical centre and its cuisine (visit the web  site on Vasto city and its surrounding or download our brochure).

In the Vasto territory there are numerous tourist structures but there are also two large industrial areas with companies in the automotive, manufacturing, logistics, agricultural and food sectors; and most importantly health structures, social services, cultural centres, and important hospitality training institutes.
Abruzzo is also famous for being the region in Italy with the most natural parks and protected areas, all located near Vasto.

Vasto is well connected to the major airports in the area: Pescara 70 km, Rome 300 km, Naples 200 km, Ancona 200 km, Bari 250 km.

Please ask at Polaris the program for terms and fees

Il Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, la ``regione verde`` d'Italia

Il Castello Caldoresco e Piazza Rossetti nel centro storico di Vasto

Please ask at Polaris the program for terms and fees

Tel.: +39.0873.368826
mob. +39.345.3915828
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PIC: 943444602

Via Pescara n. 180/A
66054 Vasto (CH) – Italy

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