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(Tutte le informazioni sono date in lingua inglese perchè i corsi di formazione sono tenuti in lingua inglese)

Polaris Ltd is available provider of structured training courses within Erasmus+ Projects for teachers/educators/trainers in Childhood, School, VET and Adult Education.

Duration*: 42 hrs (in class and practical training), 6 days from Monday to Saturday (excluded travel days).

Fee of course*: 490 € per person

Working Language: English

– The course would be immediately confirmed with a group of 6 registered participants or more.
– With groups of 6 or more participants the course dates and the duration could be arranged with the applicant (please note fee would vary depending on the duration).
– With registration of less than 6 participants of the same group the confirmation of the course would be notified 3 months before the starting date (or 2 months before when registration occurs less than 3 months before).

Other activities provided

  • The last day of the course includes evaluation of the course, awarding of Certificates of Participation (2 hrs) during a typical Italian aperitif offered by  Polaris.
  • The program provides also cultural activities as visits to the city and surrounding area to discover the art, traditions, history, nature, typical foods, wine and culinary products of the area.
  • Free support in reservation phase for the transfer from the airports to Vasto and in research of a comfortable and suitable accommodation is provided based on the participants needs and at Polaris’ sole and absolute discretion.

If you need a support for the application form, please follow these steps:

If you need more support and details, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Where we are located

Download the interactive Vasto brochure

Polaris is located  in Vasto, a touristic location in the centre of Italy (3 hrs far from Rome, 2 hrs far from Naples) famous for its sea, its characteristic historical centre and its cuisine; Vasto is in Abruzzo Region,  famous for being the region in Italy with the most natural parks and protected areas, it is called “The Green Region of Europe”; indeed visit the website on Vasto city and its surrounding or download our brochure.





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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row 0=””][vc_column 0=””][vc_column_text 0=””]Training courses out of catalogue

Polaris also carries out courses for specific needs with a minimum of participants, such as

  • Bilingual Education in kindergartens
  • Teaching English Successfully (with native language teachers)
  • Using material and teaching games for interactive education
  • ICT in Adult Education
  • Effective communication with students and parents
  • Care and assistance of elder people
  • Creative Drama
  • Bullying at school
  • Career guidance
  • Ecotourism in Italy
  • Italian Food and Culture

For more details about the courses out of catalogue

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If you have the project already approved, please fill out the “form registration course“, print, sign and send it to info@polarisformazione.it


Tel.: +39.0873.368826
mob. +39 .345.3915828
e-mail: info@polarisformazione.it
skype: Polaris.Formazione
PIC number: 943444602

66054 Vasto (CH) – Italy
Via Pescara n. 180/A