Corso d’inglese:

Livello B1



Il corso si propone di fornire le nozioni base per il raggiungimento del livello B1 CEFR
nella lingua inglese.


Le attività hanno lo scopo di preparare i partecipanti al raggiungimento del livello B1 della lingua inglese, attraverso lezioni interattive tra il docente e i discenti, tramite laboratori di conversazione, ascolto, scrittura e lettura. 


Modulo 1:


  • Passives (all tenses);
  • Third conditional and Mixed Conditional;
  • In case / if – contrasted;
  • Time clauses: after, as soon as, before, by the time, once, etc.);
  • Modal verbs: deduction in Present/Past (must be, must have been, can’t be / couldn’t have been);
  • If, when, unless, (review) even if, as long as, provided that, make sure;
  • Adverbial clauses (+ ing clauses Getting up, I went to see if the baby was alright);
  • Gerunds and infinitives;
  • Need + -ing.

Modulo 2:

Vocabulary topics and Functions:

  • Education, schools
  • The environment
  • World issues
  • Careers
  • Computers
  • Job interviews and meetings;
  • Relationships;
  • Intellectual and artistic pursuits;
  • Talking about the environment;
  • Talking about world issues;
  • Giving and acknowledging opinions on controversial issues;
  • Talking about learning methods, strategies to improve;
  • Compositions in general;
  • Formal and informal letters;
  • Preparing a CV;
  • Provide concrete information required in an interview;
  • Communicating at work;
  • Social conventions in English-speaking countries.


Prof.ssa Cristina Di Marco nella sede dell’Istituto Comprensivo 1 Spataro – Paolucci di Vasto (CH), presidente e direttore della WORLD LANGUAGE ACADEMY centro formazione linguistica e certificazione Cambridge.

Docente di madrelingua inglese Stephen Evans.

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